PCFS Forms Partnership with National Film Capital China

April 26, 2013 12:25 am Published by


April 26, 2013

Park City Film Studios Forms Exclusive Partnership with National Film Capital China 



PARK CITY, Utah – Representatives of Quinn’s Junction Properties, LC located at Quinn’s Junction, Park City, Utah, owner and developer of Park City Film Studios, and National Film Capital of China, headquartered in Beijing, China, have established an agreement to explore specific areas of strategic partnership.

美国犹他州派克城电影制作基地的业主和发展商Quinn’s Junction Partnership 与总部设立于中国北京的国影投资基金就该项目的合作,达成策略性的共识

When ultimately approved, the agreement with National Film Capital of China, the country’s state-run fund management company, will be the first of its kind with a U.S. film studio.


Among the areas of potential cooperation now in discussion, include a promotion and representation office at Park City Film Studios, a strategic role with the new International Film School at the studio, and participation in new film production technologies.  In addition the parties are discussing ways to increase private incentives to encourage film makers to make movies at the Quinn’s Junction facility.


“We look forward to exploration of all areas of strategic cooperation with Park City Film Studios,” said Mr. Bu-ting Yang, Chairman of National Film Capital. “We see a fine opportunity to combine our respective strategic interests in particular areas of interest.”


China recently moved into No. 2 movie box office in the world.


COOPERATION AGREEMENT SIGNING CEREMONY:  Shown above from top row left:   Frank So (AEC), Denise Ericksen (“PCFS”), Donald Bredberg (“AEC”), Guo-wei Wang (“NFC”), Clement So (“AEC”), Anthony Ching (“AEC”);  at bottom from left:  Greg Ericksen (“PCFS”), and Bu-ting Yang (“NFC”).

“We are honored with the interest of National Film Capital, and the time that Mr. Bu-ting Yang and Guo-wei Wang devoted in coming to Park City during the Sundance Film Festival,” said Greg Ericksen, owner and developer of the new studio. “The expertise and acumen of Mr. Yang and Mr. Wang, and the organizations they represent, makes this strategic partnership particularly exciting.”

派克城电影制作基地业主和发展商Mr. Greg Ericksen 同时称“我们很荣幸国影投资基金的杨步亭先生和王国伟先生能与圣丹斯电影节期间到派克城考察,并达成将来策略性的合作意向,透过他们在电影界的经验、权威和敏锐的触觉,定会为园区带来更有效和前瞻性的贡献。

Park City Film Studios will be the first international film hub of its kind in the beautiful setting of a resort environment in Park City, Utah, that will focus on cooperation and agreements in the fields of movie and post production, film financing, film funds, educational opportunities, technology and advancing a cultural exchange between film makers in the United States and China.



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